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Whether you spend just 30 seconds every morning or have a dedicated pre-bedtime ritual, practically everyone has a skincare routine. And while we all have the best intentions when it comes to taking care of our complexion, we sometimes sabotage our skin without realizing it. Your daily habits make a major difference when it comes to preventing damage and premature aging.Renee Rouleau, a celebrity esthetician with skincare shares the eight most common skincare mistakes—and how to fix them。

無論是清晨的30秒還是臨睡的精心慣例,每個人都有自己的一套護膚方法。盡管我們都很在意自己的皮膚狀況,有時我們還是會無意間對它造成傷害。我們的習慣決定了護膚流程究竟是防止損傷還是加速衰老。而今天著名美容師Renee Rouleau將與我們分享八個最常見的護膚誤區,以及它們的糾正方法。

Leaving skin bare for longer than 60 seconds after cleansing


After cleansing, you must immediately use an alcohol-free toner and moisturizer. If you leave your skin bare for more than one minute, it will start to dehydrate as the dry air sucks moisture out of the skin. Perform your skin care routine quickly, and be sure to always leave your toner damp on the skin. This will leave your skin protected and avoid the tight and dry feeling。


Not using products formulated for your skin type


The reason you may not see improved results with your skincare products is that they aren’t suited for your skin’s unique needs. Find out what type of skin a product is formulated for. And if “all skin types” is the answer, proceed with caution. If you’re truly looking for results, it’s imperative that you use products exclusively formulated for the unique needs of your skin。


Caring for your blemishes—the wrong way


Most people will breakout at certain periods in their life, and where they often go wrong is how they treat a blemish once it appears. If it’s a pustular blemish, once the whitehead is truly visible, gently squeeze out the infection with your finger and then apply a spot-drying treatment. If it’s a cystic blemish, which mainly occur in the chin and jaw areas, this means no picking!


Using too many exfoliating products too often


In the quest to look younger and have smoother skin, people are doing too many aggressive exfoliating treatments that are actually injuring their skin. Too much exfoliation can result in flaking, dehydration and inflammation, possible destruction of healthy cells. Physical exfoliants such as facial scrubs or facial brushes should be used no more than two or three times a week. Chemical exfoliants should be used three nights on, three nights off。


Not wearing sunscreen daily and not applying enough


The number one reason why your skin will age prematurely is from sunlight, daylight and UV rays—period. And 78% of those rays come from incidental exposure when people don’t feel like they need sun protection. If you want to prevent wrinkles, wearing sunscreen 365 days a year, rain or shine, inside or out, is a must。


Using alcohol-based toners or skipping them entirely


Using toners loaded with alcohol, which will only dehydrate the skin. Alcohol-free toners should be used after every cleansing because they give your skin a drink of moisture when left damp on the skin before applying moisturizer, they remove drying chlorines and minerals found in tap water。


Washing your skin with bar soap


If you wash with a bar of soap—no matter how much you paid for it—you immediately strip your skin of all its water. Then you have to quickly put moisturizer on to put back exactly what you just took out. The binders that hold a bar of soap together have a high pH balance, making it too drying for most skin types。


Overusing moisturizer


Adding multiple coats of moisturizer to alleviate dry skin is not the same as switching to a creamier consistency. Using thicker coats of moisturizer will only result in clogged pores and a waste of product because your skin can only absorb so much。